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Part-time work or a component-time activity is a versatile work association because of this operating much less than full-time hours.

It generally way operating fewer days in keeping with the working week, and employees are usually considered to be component-time if they commonly paint fewer than 30 hours per week.

Element-time personnel receives equal employment entitlements as complete-time people on a seasoned-rata basis.

For instance, employees’ paintings timetable in a part-time paintings association can include the following:

  • 3 eight-hour days a week
  • 5 4-hour days every week
  • 10-hour days every week

Another distribution of hours agreed upon with the aid of the business enterprise/worker

Component-time work is convenient for young mums and dads, students, retirees, those who need to begin their enterprise and need more time, and all different people who can’t work, or don’t need, a full-time task.


Component-time paintings leave personnel more significant time and power for other activities, so it’s specifically suitable for family-oriented people.

From the worker’s point of view, there are several factors to remember when searching for a component-time in preference to complete-time employment. Employees could recollect total profits first. However, there are different vital factors worried, such as the circle of relative time, essential strain and health, transportation fees, and many others.

Part-time paintings also can be combined with some other kinds of images, inclusive of:

  • Activity-sharing, which means one complete-time activity broke up into two component-time jobs
  • Component-time parental depart, which means that a determined work part-time except their work inside the home
  • Innovative retirement means decreased running hours for personnel nearing retirement


Advantages and disadvantages of Part-Time work

There are, of course, some essential blessings and drawbacks for employers and employees about element-time paintings. However, in most instances, the professionals outweigh the cons, so it’s simply worth a try for both parties.

Advantages of Part-time job

  • Attracting candidates from a more comprehensive employment pool
  • Maintaining valued employees who might not want or be capable of working full-time
  • This probably allows the organization to lessen prices without decreasing body of workers
  • Enable the company to cover busy periods efficiently
  • More fabulous free time, flexibility, and paintings-lifestyles stability for personnel
  • Complements personnel morale, productivity, and dedication
  • Reduces absenteeism and tardiness


Disadvantages of Part-time job

  • May purpose underneath-staffing in instances
  • It might also create trouble in scheduling meetings, coordinating projects
  • The issue in measuring operating hours and performance of part-timers
  • Should negatively affect the employee’s income and advantages
  • May want to affect the employee’s career development negatively
  • The worker may be regarded as much less committed via colleagues
  • Supervision problems
  • The employee’s different activity responsibilities want to be reassigned.

Best Website for Part-Time Jobs in Bangladesh

Only some careers are ideal for element-time paintings. First of all, it makes sense to locate the maximum appropriate kind of element-time to be just right for you, considering your choices and competencies.

Then it would help if you thought about the price and flexibility you count on. A component-time task may be shift-based totally or self-scheduled. Extra demanding jobs are of direction paid higher than others.

Many part-time jobs can also be completed from home. Nowadays, while remote work is becoming extraordinarily famous, (and essential) running from home component time may be a jointly helpful arrangement.

There are many websites for part-time and full-time jobs in Bangladesh now. Job Portal is one of the best websites for a part-time job. You can find all kinds of job posts here: government, private, full-time, part-time, and contractual. So visit the website and find a suitable part-time job.

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